Registered eBay Trading Assistant – New Forest Area

Trading with you and for you!

Matt Baker  – Online Marketing Consultant and Ebay Trading Assistant

Q) – Do you have items to sell and want someone else to take care of the selling for you?

A)- I am an experienced eBay seller with several eBay accounts all having exceptionally good feedback. My reputation as a seller ensures that I am trusted and that I get the highest prices for items I sell. This means that you too will get the best possible price for your items if you use me to do your selling and yet have none of the work to do!

When you sell with me through you can either do nothing at all or just sit back and check your items listings on eBay watching the bids come in!

Fees vary depending upon the sale price of items. Basically the more your items sell for the less % you pay:

  • 30% of the first £250
  • 25% of the next £250
  • 17.5% of any amount over £1000

How do the fees work? See why using me to sell for you may be cheaper than doing it yourself!

Why get me to do the work when you can do it yourself?

What it takes to get great results on eBay:

  • In depth knowledge of how eBay works including listing procedures, rules and regulations, and the average prices items achieve
  • Retailing/merchandising ability.
  • Good IT skills and a computer, photography skills and a decent camera.
  • Good people skills to work with your customers.
  • A commitment to providing top customer service.

Maybe you have all the above but just don’t have the time or the desire to sell your own items. That’s where I can help.  Both private sellers and trade sellers welcome.

The best solution to converting unneeded items in to cash!

I do not have a fixed policy regarding the minimum value of items that I will sell for you. However items with a value of at least £25 are preferred. Items with a value of less that £25 may attract an extra fee to cover the work of listing them. I’m always happy to discuss your selling needs and will always try to come up with a plan that is fair to everyone.


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